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Benefits of Directional Non-Force Chiropractic

A New Day for Chiropractic Services

Traditional chiropractic services consist of manipulating joints into designated areas by force. The jarring of adjustments can be stressful and damaging to tissues. Today, there is an easier and proven method of chiropractic treatments called the Non-Force Technique (DNFT). Non-Force Chiropractors located in Santa Cruz and Los Gatos, CA, introduces a new generation of Chiropractor corrective techniques and gentle methods.

Freedom without Force

The directional non-force technique was designed and implemented by Dr. Bayless and Dr. Griffin of Santa Cruz Non-Force Chiropractic. By using a three-dimensional view of a client's affected area, a better picture is presented to include all the muscles, joints, and bones. By including surrounding vertebra in the treatment, there is less need for return visits. In addition, a network of acupuncturists, naturopaths, physical therapists, and psychologists help to treat any emotional and inflammatory issues you may have in order to get you to a balanced state of being.

Less Pain Equals Fewer Visits

One of the most incredible features of the directional non-force technique is the reduced need for repeated visits. Conditions including sciatica, chronic back pain, herniated discs, muscle spasms, and more are reported to need fewer visits or none at all when treated by directional non-force chiropractic. Some procedures mimic the techniques of traditional chiropractic moves without the cracking and jolting of joints. Depending on the individual, exercises and/or other natural paths may be used in treatment.

Good for all Ages

The use of chiropractic has often been limited to patients in their teens through middle age. However, the non-force chiropractic method is gentle enough to use on infants as well as the elderly without risk of damage to joints. This is a remarkable breakthrough, as holistic methods are a preferred method to drugs that can have a negative effect on organs and only mask a cause.

Dr. Bayless and Dr. Griffin have a high success rate in areas that would not normally be considered treatable by chiropractic methods. Everything from teen anxiety disorders to infants with slightly misaligned feet have discovered the benefits of the non-force chiropractic approach. Schedule your visit today to realize a new you without pain.

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