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Dr. Masi Bayless

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

Dr. Bayless did on adjustment on my 1 1/2 year old daughter. We were amazed, her ankles were slightly turned in causing us some concern as she learned to walk. After one gentle treatment we saw a dramatic difference. I personally believe this will help her posture, hips and spine to be in alignment and comfort for many, many years. We were very grateful to discover Dr. Bayless and the non-force chiropractic technique that she practices.

Show More —Elesha L.​

Go to her! Hobble, crawl, or limp your aching bones into her office and she will fix you. I didn’t believe it at first either. I was messed up and in pain for six years so how could someone “fix” me? Well, she did, and now I am returning to my old self. It feels amazing to be pain free for the first time in a very long time.

Show More — Victoria R.​

I just had an amazing visit with Dr. Masi yesterday. My neck had been bothering me for some time and I had resisted getting treatment, especially chiropractic because of past experiences. This was totally different. The treatment was not what I had expected. In fact I had no idea what to expect. I am looking forward to the remaining treatments with Dr. Masi!

Show More —Jenny C.​

I saw Dr. Masi Bayless after a car accident and was suffering from neck and shoulder pain. After only one visit, I feel much improved, hardly noticing the injury. She has a gentle touch and was very thorough. I’ve never had this kind of Chiropractic treatment before, and I found it very soothing, relaxing and effective. I will definitely see her again, if necessary!

Show More —Aaron B.​

Having had a few bad experiences with the more forceful type of chiropractic I was really leery trying another chiropractor, expecting to be tricked like I had in the past.  One of my close friends insisted that I give Dr. Bayless a try and assured me that there would be no tricking…I am so glad I went and my friend was right! They really mean it when they say there will be no cracking.I came in because of a hip issue that had been making it hard for me to run and walk. With ver

Show More —Paulina G.​

I saw Dr. Bayless for hip and back pain issues.  The directional non force technique is very hard to explain, but was profoundly superior to conventional chiropractic adjustments.  It was so gentle!  I was amazed at how I felt when I stood up from the table. I honestly thought, “How can these little touches be adjusting me?”Then when I stood up I could immediately feel the difference.  I also had some significant hand and wrist fractures in my childhood.  S

Show More —Debby D.​

For years, I found myself constantly racing back to the chiropractor just so that I could continue on with my week. That is, until I found Dr. Bayless and her special type of chiropractic care. Her technique is gentle (no cracking), and assesses several different body systems, so my adjustments are holding for much, much longer! My pain has greatly decreased, and has allowed me to free up more time for vacations, with the confidence my back won’t give out on me! The office is lovely, and Dan,

Show More —Robyn F.​

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