What is DNFT?

According to our more than 50 5-star reviews, it’s a chiropractic treatment that works!

Santa Cruz NonForce Chiropractors, Dr. Katie Griffin and Dr. Masi Bayless are pioneers in bringing the DNFT chiropractic method to Santa Cruz.

Under the gentle hands of Dr. Katie Griffin and Dr. Masi Bayless, DNFT Chiropractic can get you out of pain fast!

This low force approach delivers powerful, lasting results without sudden movements or cracking of joints and x-rays are rarely requiredMost problems can be treated successfully in about three to six visits.

This patient is a raving fan of DNFT Chiropractic

“If you are looking to get out of pain, I highly advise you to try DNFT which is the type of chiropractic Dr. Griffin practices. Non-Force and the adjustments stick. As a body worker, I find this type of treatment to be some of the most beneficial work I’ve ever received.” 
Kelsea, Yelp review

Why Does DNFT Chiropractic Work So Well AND Need Fewer Appointments With Longer Lasting Effects?

“Can you really help me in just a few visits?”
“Why do you say you’ll only need to see me a few times?”
“Will these results really last, or are you just saying that?”
“How come you don’t need to see me anymore? That’s not the way other chiropractors practice.”

We (Dr. Katie Griffin and Dr. Masi Bayless) get questions like these all the time. We’re up front in saying we really will more than likely only need to see you a few times and then you probably won’t need another appointment for months or even years. Since most other chiropractors don’t operate that way, our method seems strange. So we’re going to shed a little light on why we only need to see you for a few times—just like most effective medical care, you don’t need to keep getting treated if the treatment is truly effective at addressing the root cause.

The Three Dimensional Model for DNFT Chiropractic

What makes what we do, Directional Non-Force Technique™ (DNFT™) Chiropractic, so unique and so effective is we take the traditional chiropractic two dimensional model and make it three dimensional.

We take that one forceful adjustment and instead break it into 20 micro adjustments that are uniquely specific for the patient. We adjust not only the bones but the ligaments, the muscles, and the discs as well as the ribs. We also typically adjust 6-10 vertebra in a visit which is equal to about 6 regular chiropractic treatments.

Not All Chiropractic Techniques Are the Same

This type of chiropractic we practice – DNFT and its three dimensional approach – is very different from other techniques. Because of that, there’s quite a bit of misunderstanding of what chiropractic is actually capable of doing for your health. The difference between the technique we practice, Directional Non-Force Technique Chiropractic, and other methods starts with the foundational model of both how and what it means to align the body.

The Two Dimensional Model for Most Chiropractic Techniques

The primary model for most chiropractic is a two dimensional view of our bone structure. That model provides the foundation for teaching chiropractic medicine.

While we were in school we would study two dimensional squares drawn on paper that were intended to represent our spines. They would angle one of the squares in a slightly askew position and call it a modeled subluxation or misalignment. They then would test us over and over again on the three directions that the bone needed to be moved to go back into its proper position, all using just one adjustment. (DNFT actually adjusts ALL FIVE directions, not just three.)

The professors always ignored the vertebrae above and below the misaligned segment and never mentioned any of the other structures keeping that bone in place.  We also learned that the patient would need to be adjusted three times a week for the first four weeks in order for the adjustment to start holding.  This is the general principle of the most common chiropractic techniques practiced today.

Why the Traditional Two Dimensional Model of Chiropractic Adjustments Falls Short

You now can begin to see that the two dimensional model doesn’t really address how complex we are as three dimensional humans in a three dimensional world.

The three dimensional approach DNFT takes creates a huge difference in getting to the root cause of a problem and solving it satisfactorily. That approach accounts for a large part of the reason we only need to see you a few times. Beyond that, one of the important hallmarks of DNFT is the commitment to continuously researching and developing improvements to get results with fewer treatments. DNFT practitioners want you to get well as soon as possible, not create a long-term revenue stream based on a drawn-out series of appointments.

Our Personal Commitment at Santa Cruz NonForce Chiropractors

A major factor that contributed to us being voted Best Chiropractors in Santa Cruz 12 times is our commitment to telling people when the issue they have is not chiropractic. Imagine a triangle and on each point there is a word: Structure, Inflammation, or Emotions. Consider this to be your optimal health triangle. In order for someone to be in excellent health these three things must be balanced. If one thing is out of control it will throw off the other two things. For example, if you are super stressed at work or school your emotional side of the triangle can pull the other two inflammation and structure out of balance creating havoc in your health.

Keeping this model in mind, we are always checking in with patients to see if there is another part of the triangle that needs to addressed before our treatments will be effective. When that happens we can use our awesome network of acupuncturists, naturopaths, physical therapists, psychologists to give that person support for complete healing.


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