Lower Back Pain Relief Technique

If you prefer to read, the video summary is below. And here’s a video tip for preventing back and neck pain.

Our treatment results (and patients) speak for themselves.

Lower back pain responds well by using the technique above and even more with the DNFT chiropractic treatment methods used by Dr. Masi Bayless. Read how they have helped relieve lower back pain for others:

Go to her ! Hobble, crawl, or limp your aching bones into her office and she will fix you. I didn’t believe it at first either. I was messed up and in pain for six years so how could someone “fix” me? Well, she did, and now I am returning to my old self. It feels amazing to be pain free for the first time in a very long time.— Victoria R., http://bit.ly/L3GhLV
I have had lower back pain for years, and Dr. Griffin was the first medical professional to help me and give me specific exercises to do at home to help. After a few visits I am now pain free-thank you Dr. Griffin!— Aleene A., Santa Cruz, http://bit.ly/L3G77d

Read more about the gentle, non-force DNFT chiropractic treatment that yields such great results.

Video Summary

The low back is the most common reason patients come to chiropractors. There are several common causes of low back pain and a few uncommon causes of low back pain.  All chiropractors, including Dr. Katie Griffin and Dr. Masi Bayless here in Santa Cruz,  are trained and licensed to diagnose all the causes of low back pain. Listen as Dr. Masi Bayless explains how to get relief. This exercise comes from the work of a physical therapist named Robin McKenzie.  He’s the foremost expert in the world on treating low back pain.  He discovered and proved that most low back pain that is worse with sitting and better with walking is caused by a bulging disk in the low back. The usual causes of bulging disks are bending, lifting, and excessive sitting, especially with poor posture. The simple treatment for this condition is bending backwards.  That’s right, it’s simple.  Just put your hands at your waist and bend backwards.  Repeatedly bending backwards. Ten times every hour.  That’s the treatment. Also keep a curve in your low back when sitting by getting a pillow and putting it behind the small of your back every time you sit down.


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